Awake RÄVIK ONE electric jetboard

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Awake RÄVIK ONE is the premier, award-winning electric jetboard in Awake’s RÄVIK-line, and has gained great success since it’s launch in 2018. Awake RÄVIK ONE’s wider tail makes for stable and reliable performance. The wide tail and sharp edges of the Awake RÄVIK ONE provides the rider with a stable experience, while at the same time offering performance at the very top of what the industry has to offer. The Awake RÄVIK ONE suits anyone who is looking for a great ride without compromising stability and ease-of-use.


Top speed: 30 knots / 56 kph

Autonomy: 20 – 45 min

Charging time: 1h 20min

Complete weight: 35 kg

Rider modes: Slow, Eco, Sport, Extreme

Exchangeable battery:

Yes Setup: Plug-and-play

Awake’s RÄVIK-line are technology leading electric jetboards developed and assembled in Limhamn, southern Sweden by a dedicated team of senior mechanical and electronics engineers, product designers, and manufacturing industry professionals. The common goal; to deliver a healthy dose of exhilaration and adrenaline thanks to unmatched power and performance. All within a clean and elegant body.

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