Clean Sun Solar Heating Pad - Bestway 58423

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Heat your pool with solar power

Economical and environmentally friendly

Keep your pool warm over the winter by harnessing the energy of the sun. Just leave in direct sunlight. 

Increase pool temperature by 3 - 5°C

Increase swimming pool water temperatures by approximately 3 - 5°C, depending on the weather condition. Mats can be combined for heating larger pools. 

Strong and durable

The mat is made of 0.9 mm PVC for superior durability and a longer life time. High-tech material provides resistance to weather and other abrasive agents.


  • Dimensions: 1.10 m x 1.71 m / 43 in. x 67 in. 
  • Compatible with filter pumps up to 2,500 gal./h (9,462 L/h) and sand filters up to 2,200 gal./h (8,327 L/h).
  • Easy setup with adapters compatible with 1.25 in. / 3.2 cm and 1.5 in. / 3.8 cm hoses
  • Increase water temperatures by 3 - 5°C.
  • Made with 0.9 mm PVC.
  • Heating area of 15.72 ft.² (1.46 m²).
  • Multiple mats can be combined for bigger pools.