Harlem IPS Bar

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Harlem's Flagship Bar: the Integrated Power System Bar

Most versatile bar on the market. Fits on every kite and every brand.

Easy and clean, no more tangled lines, no more reaching for depower cords. Just give it a spin. With the same ease you open a bottle of soda, you can adjust the power on your Harlem IPS. Unique about this bar is the extra broad depower range. Also includes an added a stopper on the PU covered powercord to stop the bar from going out of reach for the short armed people.

Just like the Harlem bar, this beauty fits every 4-line kite on the market. The power line V split system allows you to customize the setup of the power line V in three ways. This is done by running one power line through the integrated inox steel rings.

Although this bar looks like style and taste had baby together. This bar is primarily designed from an ergonomic perspective to give you the best possible grip. We build stuff that’s meant to last. That’s why the open design makes sure sand and salt flush out easy.

Size: 52cm


Clean. Safe. Easy.

Integrated Power System: depower directly on the bar. Depower on the steering lines for better safety, less wear & tear than depower on powerlines.

No twisted lines

Unique top swivel integration into safety-system for easy untwisting of centerlines.

Smart Dutch design

Ergonomic shape, better grip because of the curved handle bar. Open bottom design to allow sand and salt to flush out of the bar.

Extra heavy duty lines

Liros lines 21m plus 3m extensions. Spliced instead of sleeved for extra strength.

I (don't) got the power

Bigger depower range than regular bars. Stopper on the PU covered powercord stops the bar from going out of reach. Single Line Flagout: safety system with 100% depower.

One bar fits all

Most versatile bar on the market. Fits on every 4-line kite from every brand.