Hydro Force Mirovia Pro Inflatable Boat 65049 (5 person)

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The Hydro-Force™ Mirovia Pro is a 5-person inflatable sport boat that is perfect for fishing or cruising on the open water.

Dimensions: 330 x 162 x 44 cm

Max load: 640 kg

Strong and durable 

This NMMA certified boat is made of high strength, high density, sunlight resistant Tritech ™ material, a 3-layer reinforced material with durable PVC-coated polyester mesh for lightweight strength. The motor-supported marine grade plywood crossbar can handle a 15 HP motor for high-speed cruising (motor not included). The inflated floor is constructed of drop stitch material, a process that involves tens of thousands of fine fibers that connect two pieces of durable PVC for strength and durability.

Comfortable and safe

The floor is firm and comfortable like a traditional boat, but light and capable of withstanding repeated inflation and deflation. The 3 air chamber design gives this boat a great balance in the water and prevents a single puncture from capsizing the boat quickly. The underside of the boat forms a natural keel that improves the speed and elevation of the boat over the water.

A steel towing ring is attached to the front of the boat for towing and securing. Safety ropes allow you to maneuver the boat when it is out of it or get back on board the water. 

Accessories included: 

  • pair of two-piece aluminum oars
  • Air Hammer ™ hand pump
  • tow rope
  • pressure gauge
  • carry bag
  • repair kit



  • Made of drop stitch (PVC) material with an open structure for exceptional sunlight resistant strength and durability.
  • Design with 3 air chambers with high pressure inflatable keel
  • Aluminum alloy flooring for marine use and plywood sleeper
  • Steel Tow Ring
  • Carry handles
  • Valves for rapid inflation / deflation
  • High-strength belts that protect against impact and friction
  • Molded metal motor mount (Motor not included. Max power: 11.2 kw / 15 hp)
  • Easy-mount bench seats - no special tools required
  • Omni-directional scales
  • Safety lanyards
  • Integrated drain valve
  • 10m pull rope
  • 1.62m (64``) aluminum oars that can be detached for convenient storage and transport
  • 37cm (14.5 ") Air Hammer ™ Inflation Pump
  • Long-lasting carry bag
  • Fixed seal for oil box
  • Repair kit
  • Measurements: 330x162x44 cm
  • Places: 4 adults + 1 child
  • Maximum weight supported: 640 kg