Solar Mat - Intex 28685

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The Intex Solar Mat is an energy efficient way to capture the sun's rays to heat up your above ground swimming pool.

Designed to work with most Intex filter pumps, this heater is perfect for increasing your swimming session with warmer water, using environmentally friendly solar heating technology.


  • Designed to increase temperature of pool water by approximately 3 -5 degrees Celsius depending on weather condition
  • Compatible with filter pumps up to 1/3 HP or pump flow rate < 2,000 gal/hr
  • Suitable for above ground pools up to 8,000 gal / 11ft sq surface to absorb the sun's rays
  • 32 mm (1.25") hose attachment points
  • Includes 1 adapter A and 1 adapter B for 38 mm (1.5") hose connection
  • Includes: 32 mm (1.25") diameter connecting hose, bypass valve
  • Dimensions: 119 cm x 119 cm (47.25" X 47.25") - flat, before filling.