Shark 12 V Electric SUP Pump

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Say good-bye to tiring manual pumping!

Great for inflating inflatable SUP's and kayaks or other high pressure water sports.

Powerful and fast

This powerful 12 Volt Turbo pump has a two-stage engine for even faster filling and high pressure capacity of either 1 to 20 psi (1.4 bar). The connection is possible both on the car or boat battery (using Alligator clips) as well as a cigarette lighter. The kink resistant hose is stable and robust. 

Easy to operate

An extra length alligator clip cable provides a very long reach for easy access to the car battery. The pump also has an adapter for the cigarette lighter or the 12 volt connection. A high-volume airflow ensures fast filling or air deflation. The air pressure can be selected by means of preselector switches in a wide range optionally or individually from 1 to max. 20 PSI output pressure can be set.


  • 15 A @ 12vDC
  • 20.0 psi (1.4 bar) max - 10cfm