Tube-Shaped Oval Above Ground Pool 503x274x122cm Intex 26796

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Intex 26796 tube-shaped oval above ground "Prism Frame" pool, the exclusive summer product with original design and an incredible resistance and solidness

Intex 26796 Prism Frame pool can be linked to Metal Frame and Ultra Silver models thanks to its unbeatable price performance. The renewed and improved design offers the best safety and comfort you may find in a pool. Intex 26796 above ground pool has been designed and realised after many researching years and it's made of a 3-layer anti-cutting vinyl and a 15% thicker layer of PVC, which guarantees a great resistance and a superior stability thanks to the oval structure of inoxidizable steel.

Intex 26796 above ground pool is really easy to set up, you can mount it in just 50 minutes thanks to the simple tube structure and the included DVD that will show you the basic steps to have your pool.

This pool introduces also the Hydroaeration system which guarantees:

  • Better water movement
  • Total water-filtering control (no bubbles means dirty cartridge)
  • Lower presence of chloramine (thanks to injected air)
  • No chance of black spots on the covering
  • Improved water freshness and clearness with negative ions

Accessories included:

  • Ladder with removable steps
  • Cover sheet
  • Bottom sheet
  • Filter purifier cleaner

Technical characteristics Intex 26796 above ground pool:

  • Measures: 503x274x122cm
  • Water capacity: 13'365 Lt.
  • Assembly time: 1 hour